Thoughts on Getting Banned from the Nexus. (not me..other people)

April 29, 2014

Many times in the last 5 years I have seen a modder or a forum poster get banned from nexus or forums

googling around, you can read people complain about getting banned. some even make blogs about it. 

personally, I tend to side with the nexus, though I do think that maybe a bit more charity *might* work (maybe not)

Here is one person’s complaint–

He saw a mod. Don’t know if he downloaded it or not. It’s purpose was to disable random dragon encounters in Skyrim. Frankly, at times the random dragon encounters can be very annoying. If you have not put in a mod to make dragons harder by the time you hit level 50 they are just big mosquitoes that take awhile to kill and just an annoyance. one of my tactics has been to play without triggering main quest.

I personally use a mod that lowers the spawn rate..or ups it when I suddenly want more. I can see why a person would not want this mod or think it “ruined” the game. I don’t agree, but I can step into their shoes and see their point of view. 

This person said, about this mod: “If anyone actually uses this I would just suggest you uninstall Skyrim and stick to WOW”

and they got banned. for good reason. maybe they should get a warning. but they sure seemed like they might be repeat flamer. 

He thought his banning was unjust. Nope.  It was completely fair, given the terms of service of the nexus. the nexus is a free site run by fans. Modders work hard. They don’t have to take your shit. If you don’t want to use a mod, but you then take the time to denigrate it (that means slam it) then you are really a jerk. I see lots of mods on the nexus and think “that seems wierd” or “i would never want that” or “do people really want that?” or “that is messed up” but at the same time, I realize that different people like different things. According to Galileo, the world does not revolve around me. weird, huh? I might think some mods are dumb or even offensive. But the grown up thing to do is just move the fuck on. The universe and the nexus does not need my one voice/opinion on a mod when there are 1000s of registered users.  I could not find how many members there are on nexus but I assume it is thousands. so my opinion is less the .01 % of the nexus. 

I assumed the terms of service explicitly stated how easy it is to get instantly banned. I was surprised at how they buried that lead. I have been on the nexus for many years. I have to admit I have sometimes been surprised at instant bans. 

However, the site does, in small print, say “we can instantly ban you” and it clearly says no flaming and that this can get you banned. 

This posters post was a perfect text book FLAME. it was all flame. nothing but flame. flame flame. with a dash of troll. 

If it was up to me, as a moderator I would have contacted the person, said that was a textbook flame,  And that if you want to say something constructive, feel free. But if  you don’t think the mod is needed, or you think people are dumb for using it, STFU. Keep that you yourself. We want to be a friendly place. Not a douchebaggy placed. The internet has a lot of places you can be douchebag. The nexus is not one of them. Then I would take a screenshot of his comment. and delete it. 


Why? because the internet encourages bad behavior. it is very easy to register on the nexus without reading TOS or “read this before you post” thread. I never read the “read this before you post” you see on most sites..but then I am a very polite if very weird dude.

I somehow managed to not read the TOS and make 300 posts with no trouble. But I can see how a younger person might not know the rules. I wold give them one chance after being warned (they might have made two or three dumb comments before a moderator saw it.) 

but again, my opinion that the moderators should instant ban is merely my own. they may have decided to instant ban based on sheer volume. taking the time to deal with a flamer/troll and tell them to straighten up and fly right may be too much of a time consuming task, and the nexus may have decided that for the sake of the moderators personal time/effort, a harsher but quicker way was best. I can’t really comment on the nuts and bolts of why they think this is best. Perhaps my merciful plan is too idealistic. 

Anyway, after seeing like 30 whiner while cruising the net; seeing mods taken down. Ad posters saying  ‘dude they banned me,” and then hearing a  he said/they said version of events—-I decided I would blog about it on Geektwopoin0

In summary, the nexus is tough, but fair. It is a well moderated site. My personal preference would be to give more people a second chance, but I may just be a sucka. 🙂